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Autowatch MARKER90 reversing aid. Rigid and HGV trailer reversing system ESSEX
Rigid and HGV trailer reversing system.
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The Autowatch Marker 90 system is an independent LED reverse parking aid that is specifically designed for use on 7 tonne rigid bodied lorries and HGV trailers to assist
the driver when reversing, the system helps prevent accidental damage and injuries.

The Marker90 is unlike the conventional reversing systems or cameras that would have a buzzer or monitor fitted in the cab of the vehicle which is wired from front to back or in some cases wireless, this is a problem on HGV trailers as these systems are paired to a specific tractor unit or system and do not work unless coupled with a matching system, the wireless systems are also prone to RF interference in many areas and high maintenance costs.

The Marker90 system is completely independent of the cab as the entire system is installed at the back of the truck or trailer and is powered by the reverse light, this always ensures the beniefits of the Marker90 when reversing, this is ideal for fleet operators that use a drop-off pick-up system orthat use trailers or contractors as the system always works irrespectively.

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